The Perfect Notebook for Students

Developed by a student who understands the temptations of social media, all-nighters, and procrastination, The Student Edition is the perfect tool for students who want to have it all “now” while preparing for a successful future “later”.


Student Dashboards

  • Brainstorm and then determine your focuses in each of the (3) Dashboards.
  • The Student Dashboards include Extracurricular Activities, Testing, and Academic Achievement. 

Extracurricular Activities 

This dashboard focuses on the three components that will maximize a student's growth in their extracurricular activities, which include talent, community service, and leadership.


This dashboard focuses on the three most common tests a high school student is required to take, which include standardized tests (SAT/ACT), subject tests, and accelerated courses exams.

Academic Achievement 

This dashboard focuses on the student's current courses and achievement and the steps he or she needs to take to reach their academic goals.

Big Blocks Dashboard

  • Plan your "BIG BLOCK" goals for the next two-week cycle. 
  • A “BIG BLOCK” is a personal or professional task or goal requiring more than one day to complete, and can be broken down into a few daily tasks.


  • Add to your daily task manager a few small tasks that will get you closer to finishing a "BIG BLOCK" task. Make sure you include your student focuses as well.
  • Then, add all your other tasks such as homework assignments and personal responsibilities to the daily task manager according to their priority. 
  • Now, act and complete your tasks.