Big Blocks Reflection Page

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Dear Perfect Notebook Users, 

At the end of each cycle, which is defined by the amount of days it took you to complete all of your big blocks, use the reflection page to learn how you can improve your next cycle. 

Big Blocks Reflection Page

The reflection page helps you review what you did in the last cycle and how you can maintain/improve your strategies. Take a few minutes to consider the questions on that page before beginning the next cycle. The idea is to learn about what motivates you to get things done and identify where you can improve. 


For instance, in my past cycle, I neglected the big block of personal growth and my focus of meditating because of unfavorable external conditions. Upon thinking about what made it hard for me to allocate time for myself to self develop, I think the main hindrance was the fact that I got home very late every night when the yoga center near my house was already closed and thus I couldn’t meditate. While I can’t change this condition, I can begin meditating on my own or ask for assistance by doing so with my family at home. 


Now that we've covered the fundamentals of The Perfect Notebook's usage, it's time for you to give it a try for yourself!

Irrationally yours,

Tal Ayala Kamin
Online Marketing Manager

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