Daily Reinforcement

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Dear Perfect Notebook Users,

While my last blog post discussed how we may monitor our progress over time, it is equally important for us to realize how we can reflect on our process daily.

Daily Reinforcement

Ultimately, at the end of each day, we should feel proud of our work. The Perfect Notebook enables us to do so in a simple and effective way. Turn to the Daily Task Manager page. At the bottom right hand corner, rate your progress from one to three stars depending on your progress that day. It’s truly reassuring to visually give yourself affirmation. Paralleling your self reflection, on the left hand side, you can also keep track of your hydration for each day. Check a drop every time you drink a glass of water to keep your health nourished to ensure readiness to complete all of your tasks. 

What about long term reflection? Tune in to my next blog post to learn how you can use the Big Blocks Reflection Page to always be one step ahead of the game.


Irrationally yours,

Tal Ayala Kamin
Online Marketing Manager

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