Marking Progress

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Dear Perfect Notebook Users,

In order to monitor our progress, we begin with reviewing our Daily Task Manager Pages, as discussed in my previous blog post.

Marking Progress

At the end of each day, review your big block tasks, those noted on the Daily Task Manager page in the first box. For every day that you advanced towards completing your big block by carrying out a designated task, turn to the Big Block Dashboard Page and circle/color an icon in the space under that block. Seeing our progress visually encourages us to continue pursuing it. The more icons that are circled/shaded, the closer we are to accomplishing that goal. However, seeing our progress also tells us which blocks are easier for us to accomplish and which we tend to neglect. Ideally, to achieve a balanced life, all blocks should receive equal attention. 


When you have circled all 10 icons under a specific block, either shift your focus to another block or move on to the next Big Block Dashboard Page to start over. 


Seeing how daily perseverance towards completing our tasks translates over to achievement of our goals is inspiring. However, we also like to see ourselves progressing from day to day, to continue encouraging ourselves in the short run as well. 

Tune in to my next blog post to learn how The Perfect Notebook enables us to integrate daily reinforcement to do so.


Irrationally yours,

Tal Ayala Kamin
Online Marketing Manager

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