Daily Task Manager Pages

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Dear Perfect Notebook Users,

Our previous blog encouraged us to decide which Big Blocks we will focus on for the upcoming time interval. Now, we will discuss how these goals will become a part of your daily routine.

Daily Task Manager Pages

Every day or every few days, you will choose 1 or 2 big blocks to focus on. Open to one of the daily task managers in your notebook. On the top right corner, there are multiple icons. Depending on which goal or goals you’ve decided to focus on for that day or days, you will circle or shade in their corresponding icon at the top of the page. 


Next, determine 2-3 specific tasks that will help you accomplish the said big blocks and write them down in the “To-Do Today/Big Blocks” box. These tasks should align with the focus outlined on the Big Block Dashboard Page. The key is to identify small steps that you can take towards accomplishing your bigger goal so that you don’t lose sight of it during the day. 


For instance, say I was to focus on writing my resume, which was one of my big blocks. I would circle the first icon, associated with professional goals. Next, I would think of 2-3 tasks to help me do so, such as going back to look at my diploma in preparation for documenting my education in my resume. 


What about other daily tasks? Well, that’s where the famous prioritization skills come into play. We have designated 4 varying levels of importance and urgency for your tasks, labeled Priority A, B, C and Parking Lot. The idea is that the most important & urgent tasks will be completed first and thus will be placed in the Priority A box in comparison to those which are not as important & urgent and thus would be placed in the Parking Lot. 


Read my next blog post for more detail on deciding how to prioritize your tasks amongst these four levels.


Irrationally yours,

Tal Ayala Kamin
Online Marketing Manager

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