Dear Perfect Notebook Users, 

As we know, prioritizing our tasks is an important part of time management. In order to do so, The Perfect Notebook has distinguished between 4 different priority levels.


The first priority level is referred to as Priority A, which includes the most important and urgent tasks that have significant consequences if neglected. These may include preparing a professional presentation for tomorrow or completing tax returns on April 14th.

Priority B encompasses tasks that are urgent but have only mild consequences and thus are not as important as Priority A tasks. An example of a Priority B task may include proofreading a birthday email to your coworker.

The third priority level includes tasks that "can wait until tomorrow". Finally, we have Priority D tasks, or Parking Lot tasks, which are not urgent but we do want to get around to them at some point.

It is important to remember that our Big Blocks should be a part of our daily focus and thus be included in the Priority A tasks. Additionally, we must recognize that determining our priorities is a personalized process that takes time to master in order to maximize results. 


How do we measure such results and monitor our progress? Tune in to my next blog post in which we will discuss exactly that.


Irrationally yours,

Tal Ayala Kamin
Online Marketing Manager